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1. Office Furniture Supply

2. Office Space Planning

3. Office Equipment Supply

4. Rated Security Safes Supply

5. Workspace Interior Design


  1. How to choose the right office furniture?

    The right office furniture should fit into the space available and able to cater for the needs for the user that varies according to job scope and usage.

  2. How much do I need to set up my own office?

    he costing for setting up an office differs for different industry and the wants of the customer: Some industry requires certain material in their office furniture, and some customer wants to have a word-class designed office space.

  3. What are the common sizes for an office work desk?

    The standard sizes for an office table would be 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm. If the office space does not allow standard sizing to fit, custom-made furniture will be required.

  4. Does your security safe resist fire?

    Yes. Our security safes are rated and certified to resist both fire and burglary by International and Government Bodies. Most importantly, our certifications are all valid and renewed regularly.

  5. What is your service area?

    We are able to cater to projects for office setup within the whole of Malaysia, and Singapore.

  6. Are you a distributor for security safes?

    Yes, we are the distributor for MOEM Security Safes, do check out our dealership list here to find the nearest one to you.

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